Shahrukh-Gauri Story – pratish doshi

Pratish Doshi

During his school days, Shah Rukh acted like he was having an epileptic attack in order to bunk a class. His acting was so realistic that the teacher allowed his friends to take him away and make him rest. What happened after shows his mischievous side even more – instead of escaping immediately, one of his friends went to the class again, to ask for the teacher’s leather shoes as making an epileptic person during an attack smell leather is an Indian remedy. The poor teacher had to walk with just one shoe for the rest of the day, courtesy SRK.

Gauri Khan, in an interview with Simi Garewal, talks about how he is always making people around him laugh with his witty comments and jokes. Shah Rukh also went on to say that he makes funny Qawwalis out of classic hindi songs in order to entertain Gauri. Calling her a lucky woman would be an understatement!

Author : Pratish Doshi




About Pratish Doshi

Pratish Doshi is a health Care Professional with interest in Music and sports. Likes to play Piano and guitar , and loves to explore different genre of music
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