Branded sunglasses taking over market … ( published by pratish doshi )

NEW DELHI: What’s in a sunglass? The Rs 330-crore Indian sunglasses industry thinks so and is thus dominated by glasses in the Rs 50-100 range, with no assured quality or design protection. But things are fast changing, with branded players all set to woo the new-age Indians.

Ray Ban this season launched over 140 models across five international brands. Titan too launched its designer eye-wear collection Acid, Caf, City Silk and Rev in the range of Rs 695-1995. Then there are innumerable imported brands Gucci, Safilo, Amani, trying to have a foothold in the Indian markets.

The highlight of the new range is the variety that it offers. While the sunglasses reflect the latest global styles in rimless and semi-rimmed designs, fine crystal and polycarbonate lenses, multiple colour options, and flexible nose pads, the frames too are available in a multitude of options and offer international features like ultra-comfortable patented flexible hinge across a variety of shapes and sizes.

The Indian market is very big. There is huge untapped potential, but it is largely dominated by unorganised players, who lack quality and there is no design protection. Moreover, the trade too is very scattered, with no power centre, says Bijou Kurien, Chief Operating Officer, Titan.

Of the Rs 330-crore Indian market, only around Rs 100 crore is the organised sector, what we call branded players. The rest is all small local players, selling products in the range of Rs 50-100 and the grey market, says Kurien.

Author: Pratish Doshi

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